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20 Signs of Cancer: Women’s bodies go through many phases, from menstruation to menopause. It’s also good to feel different from time to time. However, if additional symptoms occur, a specialist should be consulted. Some changes and symptoms may be associated with cancer.

Some of the most common cancers in women include:

Breast cancer
Ovarian cancer
Endometrium (lining of the uterus)
Cervical cancer
Remember that many cancer symptoms can be caused by other health problems. And for cancers that affect both men and women, the symptoms are often the same. However, it’s important to let your doctor know if you have any warning signs, such as:

20 symptoms of cancer in women
There is a lump in your breast

A lump in your breast does not mean you have breast cancer. But tell your breast specialist if you have pain, swelling, abnormal discharge for more than two weeks, or if the skin or shape of your breasts changes.

Other symptoms to look out for include:

Breast swelling (with or without lumps)
You have a lump in your armpit or a protruding collarbone
Discharge from the nipple may be bloody or clear.
Inverted nipples
Skin similar to orange peel.
Pain in the breast or nipple
Red, scratchy or thickened nipple or breast skin
Vaginal or rectal bleeding
“Women often don’t notice vaginal or rectal bleeding,” says Soma Mandal, M.D., a women’s health specialist at Summit Medical Group in Berkeley Heights, MD. “It can indicate dangerous conditions such as uterine and colon cancer. These symptoms can be frightening and women may be hesitant to admit they need further testing.”

According to Shiva Ghofrani, M.D., a gynecologist in Stamford, Connecticut, bloating, discomfort, or pressure in the pubic bone below the rib cage for more than 2 weeks are symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Skin changes
Skin changes, such as changes or enlargement of moles or blisters, are associated with skin cancer. Other types of cancer may present with specific skin conditions.

White spots in the mouth can indicate oral cancer. Cancers such as breast cancer can cause lumps and bumps under the skin.

Other skin changes caused by cancer:

Hyperpigmentation or dark spots
Hair growth
A sore that doesn’t heal and heals and reappears are two examples of skin changes caused by skin cancer.

Gain weight
“Silent symptoms of ovarian cancer include unintentional weight gain and changes in bowel habits,” explains New York City gynecologist Kamelah Phillips. “Ovarian cancer symptoms are difficult to detect. Women can blame changes in bowel habits and weight on menopause, aging and poor diet.”

Dr. West Hollywood, California. Jill Stocker explains, “If you’re generally tired, regardless of how much sleep, rest, or coffee you drink, it could be a sign of cancer.” You may feel unmotivated and sleepy throughout the day.

“Head and neck skin cancer sometimes looks like a pimple or a spot,” explains Jeffrey Fromowitz, M.D., a dermatologist in Boca Raton, Florida.

Stomach, pelvic or back pain
For example, endometriosis can cause body pain. It could be discomfort related to your period. However, persistent discomfort and pressure in the stomach, pelvis, and back can be a symptom of various cancers. These include colon, ovarian, and endometrial cancers. If you have a tumor in your back or a tumor that has spread from another part of your body, you may experience back pain. Abdominal pain and sudden weight loss can be signs of pancreatic cancer.

Sudden weight loss
Maintaining a normal weight can reduce the risk of cancer. However, if you’ve lost 10 pounds or more without dieting or exercising, consult your doctor. Cancer can cause weight loss.

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